• Start Date : 6 July, 2020
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  • End Date : 6 July, 2020
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On Friday, October 18, 2019, a group from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and John Hopkins Center for Health Security held Event 201, a “tabletop” exercise that simulated the establishment’s response to a viral outbreak of a “hypothetical” pathogen contracted from bats, called the CAPS virus, resulting in a global pandemic that would sweep across the world.

Eight weeks later, surprise, surprise, the very scenario that these Globalist puppets were simulating went live in Wuhan, China.    Now, to anyone who has been following all of the false flag events from 9/11 onwards, a drill enacting a very particular scenario that coincidentally became a real world event, will come as no surprise, as it is the tried and tested methodology of the cabal behind such events that simultaneously places all the actors in position and covertly informs the masses to avoid any karmic debt.

An idea began to form, initially as a joke, to hold our own exercise, Event 202, to simulate millions of people, becoming aware of the global agenda and rising up to oppose it.    However, this “joke” ellicited such a response that a Facebook group was hastily set up and gained over 10,000 members within a week.