Community AssembliesAssemblies have operated and existed for thousands of years, a form of direct democracy; ordinary men & women, not elected representatives, who deliberate on an issue(s) of local or national or international importance.

Assemblies are independent and aim to reinstall trust in the process of governance by taking direct ownership of decision-making in your local area.

What do Community Assemblies do?

  • Provides Lawful Democratic Governance
  • Provides Structure & Formalities
  • Emphasises Participation & Action
  • Regular Meet Ups
  • Collaborative Campaigning
  • Information Sharing
  • Decision Making
  • Training & [Re]Education
  • Expertise, Advice & Support
  • Build Resilience [food security, healthcare, trade]

There is a confidence in knowing you are a part of a large community who are prepared to take action and lend support to one another.

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