NHS Whistleblower Initiative

Do you work for the NHS?
Are you concerned that something is very wrong?
Will you remain silent?


A letter for you all to participate in sending to your local police station, police constable, Inspector, Sergeant etc to report a crime nationwide.

Health Freedom Advocacy Center (USA)

You can hold the government accountable for protecting your ability to choose what’s best for your health and for the wellbeing of your children.

Advocate Me – Australia Class Action

Please join the national class action if you care about Australia and if you wish to live in a democracy versus communism.

Make Americans Free Again – USA Class Action

Nothing will change until Americans are willing to come together and stand against the growing government.

Rational Global – UK Class Action

Let's Take Action... TOGETHER WE WILL WIN!

Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals & MP’s

You will find articles, evidential data and template letters on their website

Serving the Servants – Urgent Call to Action

We need YOU there. Please note this is NOT a PROTEST so no need for pickets/signs and whistles... this is a peaceable serving of papers.

Council Tax Withdrawal

The Common-law court made an order regarding Council Tax (CT) legislation

Earth United

Your Government Has Trespassed Against You...We have a simple solution that requires your help.

Defund the BBC

Wake up stop funding the corruption and stop voluntarily applying to donate your money to them!

Empower yourself with knowledge

Unlearn the lies of LEGALESE and re-educate yourself on the LAW

Small Interest Business Network

Are you a business owner? Join the group to support businesses and business owners to transition under Common Law.

Lawful Observers

Lawful Observers are trained to defend your rights and obtain a remedy & justice when crimes are committed.

Community Assemblies

Assemblies have operated and existed for thousands of years, a form of direct democracy; ordinary men & women, not elected representatives, who deliberate on an issue(s) of local or national or international importance.

The Great Re-Opening!

We need to get our country open again. Opening businesses is something enough people can work towards and agree on because of what it will achieve.

Class Action

UK ONLY: If you feel you’ve been harmed in any way, whether psychologically, emotionally, financially or otherwise, because of COVID restrictions

Become a truth paper Distributer/Contributor

The aim is to distribute the paper far and wide.

The Great Barrington Declaration

Check this out and sign this epic declaration.

#Antiganda Campaign 

Open Source print ready files for download, Set up to be sent to a printers or run out at home.
Post pictures of them on social media wherever you might find them. #Antiganda

Farmacy Co-op

A grass roots, Not-for-Profit, Social Enterprise, Co-operative

One Community Network

A mutually owned, democratic, decentralised economy that builds community and doesn’t destroy nature, creating a society that values Truth & Freedom over Fear & Control