A letter for you all to participate in sending to your local police station, police constable, Inspector, Sergeant etc to report a crime nationwide.


Please read the contents carefully and be sure to put in the name, address, and relevant details of who you are sending it to. Also please be sure to put your own address in too as they will no doubt dismiss any letters without a senders address.  You will need to research a little but im sure you will be able to find at least two possible candidates to send it to.  

In order to achieve maximum impact and many crime report numbers, please aim to send it on Dec 1st. The link contained provides an opportunity for us to track the responses so please do complete this part so we can collate responses.

Very Many thanks to you for getting this out there.

We all know that the government are committing a crime by allowing the injection of vaccines that have not undergone proper testing – and even worse – indemnifying the big pharma corporations who are profiting from the sales of the these vaccines.

This is a crime and these crimes need to be reported.

We want to report this crime on a MASS SCALE, hopefully, this crime will be reported more times than the reports of the adverse drug reactions expected.

The attached is a template for the crime to be reported, and we would like to collect all the crime numbers using this form. Send this letter to your local police station and then fill in the form with the crime number and any updates you receive.

Any information you provide is used purely for this operation and will not be shared or used for any other purpose.