Next Course Starts: Monday 22 Feb. 
Where: Online

Christopher, one of our members (a Cyber Security Practitioner based in USA), has prepared a beginners course to help anyone who is interested in Cryptocurrency and not sure where to start, or who have made a start but are now stuck! Chris is offering these short and affordable courses to impart the philosophical, technical, practical, and financial aspects of the cryptocurrency space.

Session 1: 

  • What is cryptocurrency? Scams & attacks, ICOs & lawsuits
  • Why cryptocurrency? The coming financial collapse, marketplace & Privacy Coins.

Session 2: 

  • Ways to Buy (a): Touring a cryptocurrency exchange with a practical demonstration to set up an account
  • Ways to Buy (b): Meet cryptocurrency ATMs, tips on how to avoid ID requirements

Session 3: 

  • How to store cryptocurrency [practical demo of how to install a wallet]
  • Recommendations, resources, tips, subscriptions, additional security

All sessions start at 4pm EST [9pm UK], & include 45 minutes of learning followed by Q&A’s.

If you are interested in booking, please email us at for a full course prospectus.