[MODULES 1 – 4]

Next course starts: Sat 27 Feb
Where: Online 

An introduction to the full Lawful Observer training [certified/accredited], covering 4 modules counting as credits towards full course certification [13 modules]. Focussed on critical aspects of common/statute laws used by Police in public order situations and community-based intervention to challenge corrupt policing practices/breaches of Human Rights.

Module 1:  

  • Use of Force. Five legally identified laws about the use of force. Managing and de-escalating confrontational behaviour and Understanding prejudicial behaviour

Module 2:  

  • Police Stop and Search Powers, Police Officer duties and rights as defined by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

Module 3:  

  • Powers of Arrest. Police preserved powers and any person powers.

Module 4:  

  • Observations and witness statements. Five-part statement process and legal requirements for court acceptance.

Module 4a:

  • Making a Complaint.

Suitable for learners 18+, private individuals, NGO’s, enforcement agents, private security.

This course is a whole day’s training [09:30 – 17:30, UK] and costs £70 per student. 

Please email for a full course prospectus, details of how to book or if you need help with fees.